Historic Designation Signs

Everglades City has designated specific areas Historic Districts: The Bank of Everglades Building, the Rod & Gun Club, and two historic homes along the Barron River. ESHP installed signs for visitors to locate these areas.

In addition, ESHP sponsored information signs and had them installed in front of all the historic buildings including the original Collier County Courthouse (now City Hall), the Museum of the Everglades, the old Depot, the Rod & Gun Club. and the Bank of Everglades Building.

To celebrate our 100th anniversary, ESHP had banners designed representing the various significant events, people, and places to highlight their importance to our City and displayed them on the lampposts along Collier Avenue, Broadway, and South Copeland Avenue.

Historic Sign
City Hall
A brown, outdoor sign says "Everglades City Historic District"
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